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MF TARIF, JSC is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of equipment and specialized software for transport and communications, it provides as well comprehensive support for different projects, including investment and operational, together with its partners.
MF TARIF has its own R&D division, engineering department, and production site in St. Petersburg. With its own production, MF TARIF, JSC provides customization of software and hardware to meet the requirements of the customer.
In 2014 MF TARIF was the first company in Russia who introduced brand-new payment technology in transport using bank cards with PayPass and PayWave functionality.
With extensive experience in implementing similar systems, MF TARIF offers construction of electronic payment systems in transport on "turnkey" basis and management (operation) of the system within the framework of investment projects.
MF TARIF, JSC in cooperation with partner companies is involved in several projects, providing processing services to transport operators and investing in automated payment control systems in transport.


For the implementation of transport projects there is a division (as part of the industrial group) which offers investment projects in the regions, to municipalities, transport operators. These projects include operator services for electronic payment systems in transport. For large-scale projects banking investments can be brought.


MF TARIF, JSC along with partner companies offers an investment format of implementation of automated fare collection system (AFC S).

* an implementation of AFC system in one stage
* installment payments for hardware
* use the services of processing without buying software for processing (clearing) of transactions and sales of electronic tickets
Investment format of AFC project is possible for both fare collecting systems, i.e. for payments (including the zonal fares) with and without conductors.


Competences / Projects

Automated Fare Collection System AFCS

Hard- and software of AFCS processing designed by MF TARIF JSC is in use in several towns and municipalities, by more than 40 transport operator companies in St.Petersburg, Yaroslavl', Novgorod Region and others. More than 7 millions of contactless transport smartcards with more than 4 millions daily transactions are in use in MF TARIF AFC systems.
The main project is realized in St Petersburg, with 75 percent of population who pay for their ground trips by contactless smartcards. This is the highest rate in Russia.

Transport and social cards

*manufacturing of contactless smartcards
*electronic and visual personalization of transport cards
* design of specifications for transport applications, specifications for hardware and clearing systems

* St Petersburg Citizen Card – with the participation of Finnish Government organizations - design of specifications, pilot card issue, processing

Investment support of projects

- Calculation of recoupment under different AFC schemes, with and without conductors and different tariff schemes
- Investing in projects of transport operators
- Provision of processing and on-line services of topping-up

Universal communication services (Ministry of telecommunications of RF)

* Manufacture of terminal equipment and smartcards for universal services;
* Payphone management systems in operation: 30+ PMS all across the Russian Federation;
* Regions: 35;
* Terminal equipment installed: 50 000 (payphones, internet kiosks, others)

Integrated Automatic Fare Collection & Vehicle Tracking System For City Public Transport

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) - hardware and software system that solves the problem of electronic payment in public transport, safe storage and processing of transport information. AFCS is designed to help transport operators and cities authorities to use contactless card technology for payments on various types of public transportation. This is a very modern and cost effective solution in composition and technical implementation.

The MF Tarif AFCS solution includes:
- The On-board system
- Transport operators infrastructure
- Back-office system (clearing center)
- Cards issuing center
- SAM-modules infrastructure
- Contactless smart-cards
- Equipment and software for sales and recharging of e-tickets
- NFC functionality, etc.

MF Tarif AFCS provides:
- Use of e-tickets based on a variety of different carriers, such as dual-interface cards, contactless smart cards with MIFARE Plus / DESFire ICs, disposable paper tickets with UltraLight C, NFC-devices,banking cards with transport applications (PayPass, etc).
- The transaction transmission to the clearing system
- Mutual settlement of accounts between transport companies (operators)
- Connection of peripheral equipment: portable cash-desk, various sensors (e.g. counting passengers), audio/visual modules
- With additional modules (GSM/GPRS, GPS/GLONASS) it also provides traffic control & transport management
- User-friendly network of the sales /recharging e-tickets

All new AFC projects are being implemented with a new type of electronic carrier (with MIFARE Plus / DESFire ICs) and dual interface cards.
NFC-phones and other NFC-devices are also used widely in MF TARIF's AFC projects, such as electronic tickets and e-purses.

Within the project scope MF TARIF offers its customers different ways in which to top up the balance of a card/ticket:
- Via the Internet using VISA / MasterCard / other banking cards
- Via mobile phones
- Via NFC devices
- Via different payment terminals

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology of a wireless communication with a small distance (to 10 cm).
This technology is widely used in mobile phones. Our company has developed the Java-app for mobile devices, which allows a quick and convenient way of buying a transport ticket for its further use in public transport equipped with our company's AFCS. With the support of NFC-technology it allows phone to emulate the electronic ticket. The program application loaded in NFC phone allows its owner to receive the actual information of the electronic ticket and to top up its balance. Upon a presentation to a conductor such NFC phone with a downloaded ticket acts as a conventional e-ticket or e-card.

"The implementation of a unified transport card project based on NXP's MIFARE Plus technology in one of Russia's largest cities is a significant achievement for NXP and our partners. We see increasing demand for contactless technology in Russia and the other CIS states. Major operators such as the Moscow Metro already use our MIFARE technology, and our MIFARE Plus solution is powering ground transportation in Sochi, host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. St. Petersburg's AFC system is an excellent example of a large-scaled MIFARE Plus-based project implementation. It confirms, once again, that the MIFARE technology platform provides system integrators with the flexibility to create an AFC system respecting the individual needs of the customer, while offering a clear upgrade path to increased levels of security and privacy when required."
Henri Ardevol
general manager, secure transactions
NXP Semiconductors

With the Fare Collection System it is possible to use the following types of ticket based on contactless card:
- Social cards: dual smart card. Besides transport application the card could store other applications: an application for secure authentication of cardholder, loyalty, payment etc.
- Re-chargeable ticket for one or several types of transport with a restricted period of time
- Re-chargeable ticket for specific number of journeys
- Re-chargeable "e-purse" ticket
- Disposable ticket with a specified quantity of journeys or period of time
- Reduced-fare personal ticket with (or without) a limited number of journeys

Stationary (rail-mounted) validators for public transport:
- State-of-the-art design meets sophisticated ergonomic requirements for public transport installations. Validators are vandal-proof and traumatic-safe
- Validity of the operation is confirmed by light and sound
- On-board computer is equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS / GLONASS, GPRS modules and has additional ports for connecting various peripheral equipment (passenger counting system, the fuel control system, passenger information system, etc.)
- Number of validators in one vehicle depends on the size of the vehicle (up to 20 validators can be supported)
- SAM-modules interface provides a high level of data transfer protection and easy integration with other transport systems
- Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to +40 ° C.

The controller of the conductor (PC-002 hand-held validator) is designed:
- to validate contactless smart cards/tickets that are compatible withISO 14443 A and B,
- to storage data and transfer it for further processing
- Weight, with batteries: < 250g
- Dimensions, mm: 190*80*40
- 3 LEDs reflect the result of checking the card/ticket; additional information can also be displayed (validity period, etc.)
- Checking the card/ticket with any button - easy to use and improve performance
- Storage of transactions in non-volatile memory up to 10 years
- Battery: 2000 mAh
Fully charged battery lasts for two working shifts (2*8 hrs)
- Response time: less than 1 second
- Has an electronic ticket control module (SAM-module)
- Operating temperature: -20° C to +40°C.

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