For 25 years of successful work we have accumulated a lot of experience in the production of various types of cards:
Chip cards for taxophones
The cards are made of high quality materials: PVC / ABS plastics and comply with ISO 7810/7816 standards.
At the customer's choice, cards with SLE 6636E and/or T192EK ICs are supplied.
We carry out a full production cycle from full-color offset printing to electrical and visual personalization and subsequent individual packaging of cards.
Visual personalization of cards is carried out by laser engraving.
At all stages of production appropriate quality control is carried out.
Contactless smart cards
These cards are basically for transport applications, such as transport tickets for various categories of users. They are made of plastic or paper.
Discount cards, loyalty cards, advertising cards
These cards are to encourage regular customers and attract new ones.
They are mainly made of plastic.
At the request of the customer, cards can be issued with a magnetic stripe.
It is also possible to apply a signature panel (by screen printing).
Packing of cards is made on a modern  KORA-PACKMAT (Germany) packaging machine.
We use perforated transparent polypropylene films.