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Automatic Fare Collection & Vehicle Tracking System For Public Transport

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) designed by MF Tarif - hardware and software system for payment on public transport. It helps transport operators and cities authorities to use contactless card technology for payments on public transport. This is a very modern and cost effective solution.

The MF Tarif AFCS solution includes:
- The On-board system with validators
- Transport operator infrastructure:
- Back-office system (clearing center)
- Cards issuing center
- SAM -modules infrastructure
- QR-code tickets infrastructure (optional)
- Sales and recharging of e-tickets infrastructure, mobile apps etc.

Means of payment in the MF Tarif AFCS:
- Debit-credit MasterCard, Visa bank cards,
- NFC phones with payment apps,
- Contactless smart-cards MIFARE Plus / DESFire, Cipurse ICs,
- Disposable paper tickets with UltraLight C, etc,
- Phones with QR-code apps

MF Tarif has extensive experience and competence in the implementation of AFCS systems in megapolis and small towns, a more than 10 years of experience in implementation of AFCS in CIS countries, including Russia, produces modern and reliable equipment for buses, trams: validators, drivers terminals and on-board AFCS computers.
In St. Petersburg’s AFCS, with its population of 6 million, designed by MF Tarif , equiped over 6,000 vehicles, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, mini-buses with validators. More than 75% of passengers use cards and other cashless means of payment. More than half of vehicles equipped with new validators for payment with banking and transport cards simultaneously.

MF Tarif AFCS provides:
- Use of e-tickets based on a variety of different carriers,
- The transactions processing in a clearing system,
- Mutual settlement of accounts between transport companies (operators),
- Connection with loyalty systems to increase passengers' loyalty, with city pass, travel pass operators, ISIC cards, university campus cards
- Interaction with banks' processing,
- User-friendly network of sales / recharging e-tickets

In the vehicles:
- Connection of peripheral equipment in the buses: portable cash-desk, various sensors (e.g. counting passengers), audio / visual modules in the buses, trams, etc.,
- Traffic control & transport management